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Assistants for Events

We are serial organisers and playful planners. Our Event Services are designed for busy bees who might need an extra pair of hands behind the scenes or a few fresh ideas in the mix. We can act as a creative resource for festival organisers, arts venues, event planners and agencies, offering a range of creative services for the arts and event industry.  We work discreetly behind the scenes to help ensure that every detail is in order and taken care of.  Please contact us for more information or to arrange a chat!

"Emma has such broad experience, personal and professional connections, deep knowledge of the event industry and boundless creative talent; this makes her such a valuable asset to any team or project. Yet Emma's approach to her clients and the work itself is very personal - every single detail thought through, and all business objectives considered with great care, understanding and attention."

Alexandra Weissova. Managing Director. Paus.

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